Ravin R500 Crossbow Review

Ravin introduced their R500 crossbow back in 2021 as their flagship model, but getting ahold of one has been incredibly difficult which has meant writing a review has not been possible until now.

Since the launch of this crossbow it has been on backorder from Ravin, so has not been available for some time.

Only recently have we managed to get stock the R500, and we have to say that Ravin has done a superb job with this crossbow.

Today, we're going to take an in-depth look of this crossbow in our Ravin R500 Crossbow Review and give our honest, unbiased opinion on it.

Let's get into it...


When it comes to the design of the Ravin R500, it's a well-built, high-performance design that feels premium when it's in your hands.

With accessories installed, quiver and ammo attached the Ravin R500 weighs¬†10 ¬Ĺ pounds.

It's certainly not the most lightweight crossbow, but we wouldn't expect it to be given the immense amount of power it generates.

High performance crossbows require strong, durable materials which often results in a heavier overall weight.

Ravin R500 Crossbow Review

It has a length of 28-inches and a width of just 7.6-inches, making it slightly longer than Ravins most compact crossbow, the R26.

The power is generated from the beefy limbs and the outsized HexCoil system, which rotates the cams a full 360 degrees.


500 FPS makes this the fastest crossbow ever made, and we don't doubt it after firing this crossbow down the range. 

The power that this crossbow puts through its bolts is immense, and it's easily the most powerful crossbows I have ever fired.

We did try push this crossbow to its limits and record 500 FPS through a chronograph, but could only manage on average 495 FPS.

Still, this is enough to send a shiver down your spine when you witness the bolts impact the target. 

Below are the full specifications for the Ravin R500 crossbow:

  • Speed: 500 FPS
  • Weight: 8.4 LBS
  • Length: 28‚ÄĚ
  • Width Axle to Axle Cocked: 3.6‚ÄĚ
  • Width Axle to Axle Uncocked: 7.6‚ÄĚ
  • Power-Stroke:15‚ÄĚ
  • Kinetic Energy: 222 FT LBS
  • Draw Force: 17 LBS
  • HexCoil Cam System
  • VersaDrive Cocking System
  • Fully Assembled/Pre-Tuned
  • 6 ‚Äď Ravin .001 Arrows & Field Points (400 Grain Total)
  • Ravin Scope Level
  • 1 ‚Äď Removable Draw Handle
  • 1 ‚Äď Quiver/Mounting Bracket
  • Adjustable Turret Scope
  • Built-In Cocking Mechanism
  • Anti-Dry Fire/Auto Safety
  • Built-in Sling Mounts


The R500 utilizes the new VersaDrive Cocking System that has an internal screw drive that moves the Trac Trigger Firing System (TTFS) back and forth.

The internal clutch within the VersaDrive System eliminates over-cocking and allows for a cocking and uncocking process that can be stopped or resumed at any time.

The R500 can be cocked at the push of a button. The VersaDrive cocking system is driven by an electric cocking motor that includes a removable battery and charger.

You can expect around 50 cocking/decocking cycles from one full charge of the battery pack.

If you would prefer to cock the R500 manually, this is certainly possible. Simply attach the removable draw handle and start winding.

Whilst it will be more difficult to cock manually than using the built-in system, the manual cocking effort is still only 17 pounds.


This is where the R500 gets interesting. It's a true performance powerhouse that is not for the faint hearted.

The R500 has a powerstroke of 15-inches and a kinetic energy of 222 FT-LBS, as soon as we got our hands on it we just had to take it for a spin down the range.

We placed a target 100 yards away and very quickly managed to get a tight grouping.

The adjustable turret scope is insanely accurate, and after a few small adjustments we were incredibly accurate with our shots.

Ravin includes 6 Ravin .003 arrows and field points with all of their R500 packages.

Ravin R500 Crossbow Review

One aspect of this crossbow that is immediately apparent when firing is its power.

Jaw dropping...

Arrows plow deep into the target and make a satisfying thud when connecting.

We did encounter some issues with the nocks of the arrows, likely due to the sheer power of the R500.

By the end of a full day firing this crossbow we had one of the six arrows left that was undamaged. 

Cocking the crossbow was a breeze thanks to the new VersaDrive cocking system, but we found that we got around 40 shots before the battery fully drained and then we had to proceed to cock the crossbow manually. 

How Much Power Is Too Much?

Whilst having so much power can be fun and make for an thrilling shooting experience, it can come with some drawbacks.

500 FPS is definitely at the top end of what should be used in a crossbow, and you'll find that bolts become a little elusive at these sort of speeds.

They can also damage easily and get lost rather quickly. 

The more powerful the crossbow the more cocking time will be required, and the R500 is no different.

Whilst its expected that its going to take a little time to cock this crossbow, it can become a little tedious at times and is not ideal for taking follow up shots.

The good side of this much power is that it offers an incredible amount of accuracy, especially given the scope it comes with.

Grouping shots together is effortless and one you get used to the power it's a breeze to hit your target precisely. 

Pros & Cons

There are pros and cons to every crossbow that we've reviewed, and the Ravin R500 is no different.

Whilst this crossbow has a lot eye-catching features, there are also some downsides.


  • Eye-watering power
  • Easy battery powered cocking system
  • Strong, durable materials
  • Accurate
  • Compact¬†
  • Easy and comfortable to hold


  • Price
  • Nocks damage easily
  • Front-heavy

Our Verdict

OK so what do we think of the Ravin R500 crossbow?

It's undeniably a powerful crossbow that is perfect for accurate, reliable shooting on the range.

Built from strong, durable materials the R500 is incredibly premium, and it feels like a pricey bit of kit when its in your hand.

So it should, priced at £3069.95 it's definitely on the more premium side of the crossbow market.

That said, rightfully so. It's by no means a budget crossbow and is certainly not for beginners.

The power that this crossbow generates is ruthless, and combined with its accuracy it makes for an exceptional crossbow that is super fun to shoot.

I feel that this crossbow is most definitely worth the money. It has everything you would expect from a premium crossbow.

Hopefully you've enjoyed our Ravin R500 crossbow review and now have a better understanding of what the R500 offers and if this is the right crossbow for you.

If so, I would urge you to check out our product page here where we offer the most competitive pricing on the market for the Ravin R500. 

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