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X-BOW Medieval crossbow 66cm - approx 50-70lbs

X-BOW Medieval crossbow 66cm - approx 50-70lbs


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Total length approx. 66 cm, weight approx. 800 g.
Weight: approx. 0.8 kg

Crossbow with a decorated wooden shaft and a wooden arrow with a metal tip and feathers. Our crossbow is a reproduction of a weapon from the 15th century. We do not want to attribute a particularly high accuracy to it, it is not suitable for effective and regular shooting. It should rather be seen as a special addition to a historical weapon collection. In any case, it will be an extraordinary piece of decoration.

In addition to the bow, the crossbow was one of the first long-range weapons in history. The forerunners of the crossbow were the great siege machines, that is, catapults of ancient times. In 1139 the Pope pronounced a ban on this weapon, stating that it was a deceitful and cursed weapon that could only be used against 'unbelievers'.

From reports of the Battle of Hastings around 1066 it is reported that William the Conqueror used crossbowmen. During the crusade, the crossbow was used as a surprise weapon against the Muslims. Richard the Lionheart is reported to have had sections with crossbowmen. He himself died in 1199 from a crossbow shot during a siege.

Depending on the strength of the crossbow, the arrow could penetrate most armor up to 100 meters. The use of crossbowmen ended in the middle of the 16th century with the introduction of the arquebus, the match rifle.


Material: wood and metal arm

  • In Stock, Order Before 3pm For Next Day Delivery

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